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Posted: September 29, 2017

Ex-cashier gets 8 years in largest embezzlement case in Pa. history

By WPXI.com

A woman who admitted to stealing nearly $13 million in the largest embezzlement case in Pennsylvania history was sentenced to more than eight years in prison on Thursday.

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Prosecutors said Cynthia Mills bought a yacht, expensive jewelry and designer handbags. The former cashier was sentenced to more time in prison than she agreed to because prosecutors found more of what she hid.

She will spend more than eight years in prison for what the judge called a sophisticated scheme of deception. 

Mills worked for Matthews International, a bronzing company.

"She's grateful, she's remorseful and she plans on paying back every single dollar," said Mills’ attorney, Phil DiLucente.

The original plea agreement called for Mills to spend 7½ years in prison, but prosecutors and the defense agreed to add 10 months to the sentence when it was discovered she hid assets from investigators. 

Before learning her sentence, Mills broke down reading a statement to the court, saying in part, "I stand here today, before you, a broken woman. I've deceived myself and my family who raised me to be honorable and follow the law." 

Mills and her attorney pointed to a gambling addiction as the primary reason for stealing the money, but prosecutors say the crimes started with greed.

She bought three homes, two luxury cars, designer purses and even a yacht. 

"I want to make it very, very clear, the majority of the money that she had taken was spent on gambling. That's where the real addiction is," DiLucente said.

Mills also told the judge she felt underappreciated working at Matthews International and felt she was passed up for promotions and raises.

Part of her prison sentence includes mental health counseling and treatment for her gambling addiction.

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