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Posted: October 06, 2017

Woman freaks out after awakening to find three bears in her car, and we don’t blame her

By Zuri Davis


A woman woke up to find her car doors open, her food eaten, and her belongings strewn about, but she wasn’t robbed. In fact, Liddy Breeden was shocked when she saw that the culprits were a mama bear and her two cubs.

“I pretty much panicked,” Breeden recalled.

Breeden had everything packed to drive from Colorado to Texas, but the bears’ visit might have pushed some plans back.

“They sat on all my stuff, so everything smelled really bad,” she added. The bears also ate the food she packed for the road. In fact, the bears didn’t leave the vehicle until they devoured every single morsel.

Breeden says that she learned her lesson. She’s promised to lock her doors and keep her food inside of the house until it’s time to hit the road.

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