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Posted: October 06, 2017

“LPBW” stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff reveal what scares them the most about parenthood

By Carlin Becker


“Little People Big World” stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff just welcomed their baby girl, Ember Jean, last month, and they’re explaining how they’ll decide on how to parent her and what has them worried.

“Just balancing life while being a mom, like work and marriage and other family members and friendships and all of that, just trying to find a rhythm,” Audrey explained what makes her the most nervous about raising a child, while husband Jeremy said learning how to discipline his daughter worries him.

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“For me, specifically, just parenting in the sense of discipline when they start getting older and that just makes me nervous because you can do it really, really right and you can also do it really, really wrong,” he said, adding that he’d like to find a balance between the strict household his wife grew up in and the more care-free one he’s used to.

“Ultimately, like, everyone is gonna tell you all these different things to do and try,” Audrey chimed in. “There are so many different ways to parent and raise a baby and all that, but ultimately just kind of trusting your gut I guess and doing what you think is best.”

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“I feel like we feel confident in it,” Jeremy added. “I think we’re ready for this journey, but are we prepared? No, I don’t think you can be prepared. Similarly to marriage, you just do it, and it happens, and then, you kind of catch up to it.”

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