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Posted: October 04, 2017

A prankster dressed up as the Monopoly Man and attended a super serious Senate hearing

By Norman Quarrinton


 A woman representing a consumer advocacy group dressed as Rich Uncle Pennybags from the Monopoly board game and gate crashed the super serious Senate hearing of the former Equifax CEO’s on Wednesday.

Appearing behind Richard Smith as he testified on the company’s recent security breach on live broadcasts of the hearing, the activist-prankster took social media by storm with her dapper tuxedo, bowtie, and top hat while twirling an incredibly impressive fake mustache and wiping her brow with paper money. At one point, she even donned a monocle — casually popping it upon her eye (although the actual Rich Uncle Pennybags never actually wore a monocle.)

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In a statement, Public Citizen criticized forced arbitration clauses that it claims have allowed corporations like Equifax to take advantage of consumers without repercussions, comparing them to a “Get out of jail free” card. “Make no mistake: Arbitration is a rigged game, one that the bank nearly always wins,” the statement said. “Shockingly, the average consumer forced to arbitrate with Wells Fargo was ordered to pay the bank nearly $11,000. Bank lobbyists and their allies in Congress are trying to overturn the CFPB’s rule so they can continue to rip off consumers with impunity.”

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