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Posted: July 01, 2017

Gnocchi the cat, a big bully who likes to chomp, seeks brave adopter

Gnocchi the cat is looking for a special owner.
The Cat House on the Kings
Gnocchi the cat is looking for a special owner.

By Joy Johnston, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

FRESNO, Calif. —

A cat rescue group in California posted an honest, humorous ad for one of their more difficult to adopt cases.

Gnocchi is a gorgeous, black-and-white Maine Coon mix, according to the ad posted by the Cat House on the Kings. Rescuers say he's a big boy with a big attitude. They admit Gnocchi is a bully who likes to pick on smaller cats (which is pretty much any cat since he's so large.)

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He also likes to "chomp" and give love bites when he gets “perturbed or overstimulated.” On Facebook, the group jokes that the "Jaws" theme is appropriate for Gnocchi, "who is a great white shark masquerading as a huge black and white fluffball."

The group says he's friendly and social when he wants to be, but at all other times, "just leave him the hell alone."

Gnocchi would make an ideal “guard cat,” rescuers say, because he would “no doubt take a huge chunk out of anyone he wanted to scare off.”

As for dogs, Gnocchi would probably do just fine with "non-wimpy dogs."

For anyone brave enough to adopt an "awesome cat with more fur, size and personality than you've probably ever encountered," Gnocchi is available at the Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center in Fresno.

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