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Posted: October 04, 2017

A gang of foul-mouthed Ronald McDonalds storm into Burger King and serve up some insults

By Alex Thomas


Just when you thought the fast food industry couldn’t get any more cutthroat, a group of over a dozen Ronald McDonalds (and a Hamburglar) took over a Burger King and hurled chants at Whopper-grilling workers.

Burger King customer Nici Jones managed to capture the whole thing on video. In the clip, the parade of clowns repeatedly shouts “you’re s**t and you know you are!” at the Burger King employees — though they might also be insulting the menu. Jones says she and a group of friends were out for an 80s weekend when they swung by the fast food joint for a bit of grub.

Watch the video

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Jones explained “they had dressed like this to go out as part of the fancy dress. We see the group every year and they’re always up for a laugh. … there are about 15 of them and they’re all between 45 and 55,” the New York Post reports. She says one of the cashiers was a “bit confused” but the rest of the employees took it really well. The encounter ended amiably with the troop of Ronald McDonalds shaking hands with the Burger King employees on their way out.

Jones says that “it’s a great weekend and I think this video shows the fun we have every time.” McDonald’s has not commented on the video.

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