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Posted: November 15, 2018

WBAB’s First Responder Fridays

WBAB’s Joe Rock will be recognizing 
Long Island First Responders every Friday. 

We’re asking YOU to nominate a First Responder and give us the opportunity to shine a light on them and the good work that they do.

Special thanks to Saint John's University Service Scholarship Award for First Responders for their support!

Thanks to those serving Long Island and to their families for the sacrifices they make.

 Honoree for December 14th, 2018,  Michael Scanlon. | Micheal was nominated by his best friend, Dakota Filigenzi, who said, “Michael deserves to be honored because fighting fires is his passion; his life. He comes from a line of firefighters (his parents are both in the Fire Department), and has been involved in all aspects of firefighting since a child. Under his leadership, the Junior Fire Department won Youth Group of the year for 2018. I was part of this group and know Michael to be a great friend as well as the most dedicated, knowledgeable, compassionate First Responder.” Michael, thanks for all you do in the community! 

Honoree for December 7th, 2018,  Eric Robertson. | Eric was nominated by his Fiance’, Shirley Guale, who said, “Eric is so dedicated to being a firefighter. He hears that siren and he's ready to go. He has been in the fire service for 5 years. He loves his community and is well known in the community. I am his biggest fan and supporter because I know he loves it and is committed.” Eric, thanks for all you do in the community!

Honoree for November 30th, 2018, Jamie  Atkinson. | Jamie was nominated by Thomas Young, who said, “Jamie has been a police officer and detective with the MTA Police Department for 15 years, and has been a volunteer EMT, ex-chief, and current director of Community Amulance Co. of Sayville. In addition, Jamie continues to serve his community despite having been recently diagnosed with a rare form of abdominal cancer, related to work at Ground Zero during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Jamie continues to be an asset to his community, even while he heals from his illness, and is a role model for all to follow.”  Jamie, thanks for all you do in the community! 

Honoree for November 23rd, 2018,  Kaitlin Riordan. | Kaitlin was nominated by Anthony Competiello,  who said, “She is a very focused certified EMT for New York State! She has put all her hard work and dedication into showing the community of Deer Park her love for what she wants to be for the rest of her life. She never misses any calls and loves to fullfill her opportunity the best she can!” Kaitlin, thanks for all you do in the community! 
Honoree for November 16th, 2018, Vinny Sottile (Aka The Vinnman, aka to his nephews and nieces: U.V. for Uncle Vinny). |Vinny was  nominated by his nephew, Jesse Castaldy, who said, “Uncle Vinny wanted nothing in life but to be a firefighter since he was a child. He worked hard and reached his goal of joining the FDNY. he does charity events. Dressing up as Santa for sick kids. More than that he been featured multiple times for his heroism, rescuing people from dangerous situations. Most notably for pulling a woman from a burning car at an accident he witnessed while off duty. Surely saving her life. That's just the type of guy he is. He runs toward danger instinctively even when not being paid for it. But he doesn't take himself to seriously. Vinny is a jokester a prankster . knows how to have the best of times and always the guy in the spotlight of any family function or event he attends. He's always been a hero to me and deserves to be recognized as the hero he is to you and all of New York.” Vinny, thanks for all you do in the community!
Honoree for November 8th, 2018, John Nicosia | John was nominated by his mother, Donna Nicosia, who said, “THIS GUY PUTS COUNTLESS HOURS OF HIS time into everything he does. My Son has 3 saves under his belt and is only 20 years old. Thus, the Farmingdale Volunteer Fire Company has kept him on a straight path and opened his future with the hopes of being NYC Fireman. They don't punch a clock and don't get a check..its in their hearts to be lifesavers. A great group of people. No matter what the weather they are always ready to respond. God Bless all our 1st responders. Thank you for recognizing them.” John, thanks for all you do in the community!
Honoree for November 2nd 2018 Zarina Ronay | Zarina was nominated by her sisater Yvette Mahan who said "She always puts everyone ahead of herself. She started as a volunteer in Lakeland FD became an EMT and worked her way to NYC EMS. She has climbed the ladder to become a Paramedic. She has the opportunity to go higher. But wants to stay where she is to be that person who makes a difference between life and death. Always giving to her station and everyone around her. She has been open to all of her step familie,s friends and has kept many kids from going the wrong direction. Most going into the Military and finding the right path. She became a Foster Mom to a lovely young boy who would have not had a chance without her 21 months ago. I wouldn't change a thing about her I'm so proud of her and who she has become. She has always been there when I needed her. Especially when Super storm Sandy hit us. She took my son for several months while my husband and I could try and get the house in some sense of a livable state to bring both our kids back.I couldn't thank her enough for that and all the help she did for me as my sounding board and helping me keep it together for the past 4 years of recovery. Thank you Zarina for all you do I love you with all my heart." Zarina thanks for all you do for the community!
Honoree for October 12th 2018 Kenny Burns Kenny was nominated by his wife Jaimie who said "I think my husband should be honored because he's been volunteering with Cutchogue Fire Department since 2007 once he joined he soon got his EMT Certification! He loved it so much he went back to school to get his EMT-Critical Care certification.  He has now made it his career, he works for multiple ambulance companies on the east end. He sacrifices family time to take care of other people's family's he wouldn't trade it for the world he lives and breaths EMS. On his days off he still goes on calls for his volunteer fire department. He was recently voted Captain of Cutchogue Fire Department by his peers which he manages to do while he works 72 hours a week as a paid 1st responder. I'm extremely proud to call him my husband he is selfless and hard working!"
Honoree for October 5th 2018 Ashley Chappell Ashley was nominated by her mother Jessica who said "Ashley is one of the most dedicated people you will find. She volunteers with the Hicksville FD as a NYS certified EMT. She can have 3 calls in one night at all hours and runs so she can help people in need. She also serves as an adviser to their Juniors group. As a woman in a mainly male dominant profession it does show its challenges but Ashley always perseveres! She most definitely deserves this and can use the uplift she would receive from this recognition." Ashley thanks for all you do for the community.

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