L.I.'s Only Classic Rock!

Ted Lindner

I'm Ted Lindner, News and Traffic guy from the Long Island Rock-n-Roll Morning Show with Roger and JP. You can catch me on the air with the guys every morning 5:30-9 with the latest reported problems on the roads, and all the big news events and local sports scores from the night before.


When I’m not on the air with the guys I’m usually either hanging out at my condo with my girlfriend Monica at Del Boca Vista in Wantagh, having coffee with the locals at one of my many favorite diners, or singing Karaoke and doing shots of Jager at my favorite Chinese Karaoke bar in Queens King Yum.


If you have a traffic tip for me, or see something I’m not reporting, or just have complaints about me in general, feel free to send me an e-mail. JP just might read your complaints about me on the air!