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Posted: January 24, 2016

Governor Cuomo's Speech, The Need To Know Facts

By Link

We've collected your need to know facts from Governor Cuomo's speech on the unbelievable winter weather and what you need to know:

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Governor Cuomo:


  • "The Travel ban was lifted at 7AM."
  • "The traffic ban served it's purpose, allowing plows and clean up crews to do their job."
  • "Very limited injuries reported, with only 5 deaths in NY relating to heart attacks while shoveling. 19 throughout the east coast."
  • "7 feet of Snow was reported in Buffalo."
  • "Our state is proud to support each other with services and resources"
  • "Still a possibility for black ice and refreeze" "25,000 power outages have been reduced to 172."
  • "The LIRR still needs clean up and the train yards must have their snow removed and equipment checked."
  • "At 6PM the MTA will update on all progress and is doing all they can to be up and running by Monday morning."
  • "Mild flooding was reported, but Long Island did not see much flooding due to preparation since SuperStorm Sandy.


Trains + Travel:

  • "Subway system has been cleared through the night, the majority of service is restored since 9AM. Brooklyn and Staten Island will be addressed soon. Bus service has also been restored.

Metro North + LIRR:

  • "Metro North will be restored at 12PM coming in and going out at 3PM. Long Island service is still being dug out. Over 2,000 personnel are currently trying to fix the issue. More info at MTA.com."

Port Authority:

  • Despite 30' of Snow, first arrival was at 7:10AM and service is slowly being restored. For those planning to use the air train please allow for extra time. Port Authority is open as of 7AM.

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