L.I.'s Only Classic Rock!


Fingers’ is coming up on his 33 1/3 year anniversary in radio.

He holds his long running hard rocking heavy metal show “Fingers Metal Shop” high as one of his proudest achievements.

After his two children of course! Started in 1983, FMS helped shape the genre on radio and in the clubs for 21 years and after a spell of dormancy returned with a vengeance. As fun as FMS is it’s his regular drive time slots that have given him the growth and experience to succeed all these years. When he is not on the air he is likely in the wind, riding his Harley for a good cause or just getting his knees in the breeze.

Fingers also loves, cooking and entertaining, playing video games, shooting, directing and editing video on his Mac, he also loves checking out new music and shows with friends. Say’s Fingers “I am so blessed to be doing what I have wanted since I’m seven years old. Playing the best music on the planet for amazing people and shining a light on those who do “good” or need help is my way of giving back.”