L.I.'s Only Classic Rock!

Donna Donna

Hi, I'm Donna Donna. I was just a kid when the British invasion blew my mind! I was a flower lovin' hippie. I got punk rocked and new waved. I got grungy and I raved. The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin share space on my I-pod with the Doors and Dylan, The Clash and The Ramones, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Ray Charles and so many more. 

In my bookcase Buddha lives right next door to the Bible. The song I sing along the loudest to is "What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding," and I'm just like you, doin' whatever it takes to keep body and soul together on this crazy Island in this wacky world. 

You can talk back to me at 955-WBAB or here on Facebook. Your comments, the good, the bad, and the ugly are always welcome. 

Donna Donna is a Long Island legend! Listen to Donna Donna weekdays from 10-2!