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    A Florida elementary school janitor has been suspended after allegedly exchanging explicit photos and texts with a 15-year-old boy, deputies said. 

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    Matthew Benedict, 29, of Lake County reportedly gave the teen a cellphone and sexted him, WESH reported. 

    Even though Benedict worked in the school district, detectives said, that’s not how they knew each other, according to WESH. 

    Investigators added that there’s no evidence that Benedict was inappropriate with any school children.

    Benedict was charged with possessing a sexual performance by a child and transmitting harmful material to a minor.

    Picture it: Wings, a prayer and an engagement. Love me tender, she said. Or was that tenders?

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    Elyse Chelsea Clark said yes to a box of Popeyes fried chicken. “Finally engaged!!” the New Orleans woman announced as she posted a gallery of photos to Facebook on April 26, reported. “I never thought in a million years someone would love me this much.”

    Clark, a bartender who works on Bourbon Street, had a photo shoot conducted as if they were an engagement compilation. She stares lovingly at boxes of chicken, walks through a park (box of chicken in hand), and nuzzles a biscuit.

    The photos were credited to Whitney Tucker of Whitness This Photography. Clark credited Tucker with the photo shoot idea.

    “I have a really big love for Popeyes,” she told “I eat it all the time. ... I took a photo of me eating a hamburger and got a bunch of likes, and my friend, Whitney, messaged me with the idea and we went from there.”

    Clark said she joked that she might get a response, but she was surprised by the sheet number.

    “I had no idea it would be this big," she told “It's blowing up very fast. Very fast.” 

    Clark admitted she hoped Popeyes would see the gallery and respond. She was not disappointed as the company reacted on Twitter.

    “Hold my biscuit, we’ve got some vows to write,” Popeyes tweeted.

    It was the catch of the day for a fish at the Virginia Living Museum.

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    When a young guest dropped a pacifier in the museum’s Cypress Swamp exhibit earlier this week, an albino catfish caught it and began sucking on it, WTVR reported.

    Museum staff members were able to retrieve the pacifier and returned it to the family of the guest, but they managed to take a photograph before reclaiming it, WTVR reported.




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